140 New Homes
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Up to 140 new homes could be built in a Scarborough village after the borough council backed a planning application.

The trustees of Mrs E Guthrie’s 1991 settlement applied for outline permission to build homes on a 1.49 hectare field south of Racecourse Road in
East Ayton.

The site is included in the Scarborough Local Plan and although no details of the number of potential homes have been submitted at this stage it has an indicative yield of 140 dwellings in its local plan listing.

The site was previously granted permission to be used for residential development in 2016, but that permission has now expired.

Scarborough Council’s planning committee met on Thursday (6th) to grant approval.

At the meeting, ward councillor Heather Phillips (Con) asked the committee to pause the plans for further study.

She said:

“In the last three years a lot has changed in the village in terms of transport. We are down to one bus. We need to think about how we develop the village when some of the infrastructure is not there when the original planning application was given, 2016 doesn’t seem that long ago but feelings were very much raised in the village regarding this as we saw it as people coming along and imposing targets on us.

We have 96 houses going up the other side of this site and God knows how many more on the larger portion of the site.”

Cllr Phil Trumper (Con) asked for how many vehicle movements went past the site, saying without that information he could not make an “objective” decision.

The committee was told the Highways Authority had the information and had not objected to the proposal.

Cllr David Chance (Con) said:

“Highways are the experts, we are not the experts. What are we going to do with [the] numbers? We can’t extrapolate them we haven’t got a clue what the guidance is for this kind of thing. I have some sympathy but I think on planning terms we can’t defer it.”

The plans were approved.

By Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan

Source: Yorkshire Coast Radio

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