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Figures released by think tank, the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) show the present decade will be the worst for UK housebuilding since the Second World War. With one year to go the CPS predicts average annual house building in the 2010s will be around 130k per annum.

House building over the last 50 years has followed a declining trend (where the figures below refer the annual average over each decade):

  • 1960s – 300,000
  • 1970s – 260,000
  • 1980s – 175,000
  • 1990s – 150,000
  • 2000s – 147,000
  • 2010s – 130,000

Between January 2010 and June 2018 England built a total of 1,089,190 homes – around 253,700 lower than that achieved in the 2000s. To match the 1.34m recorded in the 2000s, house building would need to accelerate to a level not seen since 1977. The same trend has been identified for both Great Britain and the UK.

Because these figures do not take into account building conversions for home ownership, it cannot be directly compared to the government’s broad aim to deliver 300,000 homes a year. But the CPS believes even with this factored in the figures for the current decade are lower than the 2000s.

The figures become even more alarming once the growth in population is taken into consideration. In the 1960s there was one home built for every 14 people in England, in the 2010s that figure is now down to one new home for every 43 people.

A report published today by an independent commission led by housing charity Shelter Building for our future: a vision for social housing has said 3.1 million homes will be needed over the next 20 years to help solve the housing crisis.

Source: Environment Analyst

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